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First. Finest. Forever.


First. Finest. Forever.



Alpha Delta Pi holds the distinction for being the first society founded for college women. It was chartered at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia in 1851, which is appropriately the first college chartered to grant degrees to women. Alpha Delta Pi was originally named “The Adelphean Society,” originating from the Greek word “Adelphean” meaning “sister.”

Across the nation, ADPis are bright, fun, and classy young women who share the special bond of sisterhood. The qualifications for membership have remained unchanged throughout the years: scholarship, high principles, and true friendship. Here at the University of Florida, our chapter was the first sorority invited to join the Panhellenic community. Since 1948, Alpha Delta Pi has been representing UF with pride and has recently received awards for one of the top five ADPi chapters in the nation and the best chapter in Florida.

The principles established by our founders in 1851 are enduring standards exemplifying the highest ideals of Christian womanhood. Our creed states that Alpha Delta Pi is more than a ritual and more than a symbol: that it is a way of life. Alpha Delta Pi is something you are, not just something you become. What Alpha Delta Pi represents at the University of Florida, and what we symbolize throughout North American chapters since 1851 will keep us the first and finest… forever.



  1. Motto: We Live for Each Other
  2. Colors: Azure Blue and White
  3. Mascot: Alphie the Lion
  4. Flower: Woodland Violets
  5. Founding Date: May 15, 1851
  6. University of Florida Chapter: Gamma Iota
  7. Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Charities
  8. Values: Sisterhood, Self, Scholarship and Service
  9. Awards: Chapter of the Year at Greek Awards
  10. Fun: On your 21st birthday, you get to take a dip into our Alphie fountain.
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1836: Wesleyan Female College was founded as Georgia Female College in Macon, Georgia, as the first college in the world to grant degrees to women.

1851: Alpha Delta Pi was founded by Eugenia Tucker on May 15th as the Adelphean Society, making it the first secret society for women.

1852: The Philomathean Society (later Phi Mu) was founded on March 4th at Wesleyan Female College.

1905: The Adelphean Society changed its name to Alpha Delta Phi and became a national organization. Beta Chapter was established at Salem College in Winston-Salem.

1906: Gamma Chapter was founded at Mary Baldwin Seminary. The first National Convention was held in Macon, Georgia.

1907: The first The Adelphean of Alpha Delta Pi magazine was published.

1909: Alpha Delta Phi joined the National Panhellenic Conference.

1911: Elizabeth Moseley Coles was elected the first National President.

1913: The Convention body changed the name of the organization to Alpha Delta Pi, adopted a recognition pin, and appointed a standardization committee. The trustees at Wesleyan Female College voted to abolish sororities.

1915: The coat of arms was modified to include a lion rampart with a background of violets and the English version of the open motto: “We live for each other.”

1929: Beta Zeta was installed at the University of Toronto, making ADPi an international organization.

1979: Alpha Delta Pi adopted the Ronald McDonald House as the national philanthropy.

1983: The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation was established.

1999: Alpha Delta Pi ushers in the digital age by launching its first website.

2001: Alpha Delta Pi celebrated its 150th Anniversary.

2003: The new Executive Office building was completed.

2005: Memorial Headquarters renovation was completed.

2011: Alpha Delta Pi becomes the first sorority to celebrate 160 years of sisterhood.


Our House

Our House

Our house has been a centerpiece of sorority life since 1955 and has been maintained with care and appreciation for over sixty years. 

House Corporation

The Gamma Iota House Corporation is a board of alumnae and sisters who make decisions about the management of the chapter house.  Our house has been a centerpiece of sorority life since 1955 and has been maintained with care and appreciation for over sixty years.  Areas of the House Corporation responsibility include employment of the staff, long-term finances, insurance, and maintenance.  It is often referred to as House Corps.

All sisters contribute funds as a member of Alpha Delta Pi to help with the upkeep of the Chapter House.  Alpha members pay a one-time House Corporation membership fee which entitles sisters to lifetime membership in the Corporation.

House Corporation meetings are held no less than four times a year, including an Annual Meeting typically, in April.  All sisters are welcome to attend House Corps meetings. Alumnae are informed about the Annual Meeting and are encouraged to attend.

The chapter president, property manager and finance vice president serve on the House Corporation Board.  The property manager serves a critical role in acting as a liaison among the house director, sisters and the House Corporation.

Alumnae Board:

  • President, Lohse Barten Beeland, Gamma Iota ‘67
  • Vice president, Christie Jenkins Blakely, Gamma Eta ‘84
  • Secretary, Hannah Crooke, Gamma Chi '07 
  • Treasurer, Susan Hazen Balloon, Gamma Iota ‘69
  • Member-at-large, Karolyn Hale Watson, Gamma Iota ‘54
  • Member-at-large, Mary Grace Bell, Gamma Iota ‘05
  • Ex-Officio, Marian Ingman Close, Iota ‘73 (Chapter Advisor)


  • Architecture - Jacqueline Licata Armour, ’79; Katie Seashole Pressly, ’66; Page Pressly
  • Communications - Haile Dickert Ratliff (chair), Gamma Iota '08
  • Fundraising - Mary Jo Holland-Cancelmo (chair), Gamma Iota '66

Executive Board

Executive Board



Victoria Najmy


Cameron Jones
Membership Education Vice President


Zeni Quinn
Director of Social Enrichment


Lily Wyche
Executive Vice President


Danielle Alvarez
Recruitment & Marketing Vice President


Caroline Miller
Panhellenic Delegate  adpiufpanhellenic@gmail.com

jen hi.jpg

Jennifer Walstad
Director of Standards and Ethics

KB headshot.jpg

Sydney Kemp
Finance Vice President



Sable Thompson      Recording Secretary

Georgia Lenas
Corresponding Secretary

Amanda Thompson
Computer Chair

Bailey Thomas
Points Chair

Hailey Anderton
Alumnae Relations Chairs

            Kristy Minno                 Alumnae Relations Chairs

Nikki Van der Velde
Family Weekend

Hailey Newberry
Family Weekend

Sophia Bracken
Spring Fundraiser Chairs

Caroline Cramer
Spring Fundraiser Chairs

Justine Thomas
Block Seating Chairs

Grace Ergle
Block Seating Chairs

Alex Palmer
Music Chair


Beth Herman
New Member Coordinator

Isabella Alfonso
Leadership Chair

Kayln Williams
Sisterhood Chair

Amanda Brennan
Formal Recruitment Chair

Katie Nelson
Recruitment Information Chair

Alee Stooks
Spirit Chair

Jordan Story
External Chair

Jenna Dykstra
Daddy Daughter Weekend

Megan Dempsey
Daddy Daughter Weekend

Julia Van de Bogart
Community Service Chair

Maddi Mesner
Alcohol Awareness Chair

Caroline Cash
Intramural Chairs

Christina Thompson Intramural Chairs


 Kylie Brown
Public Relations Chair

Hannah Olson
Social Media Chair

Angela Dillenburg        External Philanthropy Chair

Sabrina Han
Matching Chair

Stephanie Arcara

Sydney Seif
Scholarship Chair

         Alaina Brown          Scholarship Chairs

              Emily Miller                 Linedance Chair

Ruby Knock
Linedance Assistant Chair

Kristen Harding

Megan Carney
T-Shirt Chair

Megan Calvert
Senior Appreciation Chair

               Julia Branton                Property Manager

Madison Bradshaw
RMH Chair

Ally Fiore
RMH Chair

Delaney Futch
Finance Assistants

Deanna Rodriguez
Finance Assistants

Caroline Buchanan
LSC Directors

Elizabeth Pierce
LSC Directors

 Hannah Montgomery
Sustainability Chair

Janae Moodie
Special Projects Chairs

Nathalia Ortega
Special Projects Chairs

Casey Mclean
Marketing Committee Chairs

Amy Cook
Marketing Committee Chairs

      Lindsay Dempsey        Marketing Committee Chairs

      Gabby Clune         Merchandise Chair