When I think back on my time thus far in Alpha Delta Pi, I am instantly overwhelmed with the posture of joy- joy that stems from my friends that love me unceasingly, the experiences that stretch me, and the nearly 300 women that inspire me to be the boldest version of myself. Leading this chapter has been one of the greatest instances of honor and humility and the wonder of this great privilege is not lost to me. Alpha Delta Pi is a place that fosters the deepest form of compassion; it is a place where community is built on the unwavering desire to support those around you despite the circumstances. My role as president is the culmination of this very support and is rooted in how each person before me has had the heart to pour into me.


In the beginning, I never pictured how a place away from home could become such a key portion to my overall experience as a student but I have since come to realize one key truth: I find a piece of home in every single member of Alpha Delta Pi. Every conversation, laugh, high-five, and hug is the touch of home that arrives at just the right time. My hope is that you find your slice of comfort, a blessing just like the one I have found here where you are free to fearlessly run after the highest pursuits, resting in the fact that those around you are running alongside you. Know you are always welcome here at Alpha Delta Pi!



Alise Griffin

Chapter President