Alpha Delta Pi is not just the chapter I joined three short years ago, but my home: today, tomorrow, and forever. I came to the University of Florida looking for a place to figure out who I was and to become a version of myself that I could be proud of. Alpha Delta Pi found me in a time when I did not know I needed it and for that I am forever grateful. 

It seems to me that the best things in life always come when you are not expecting them. I was not expecting this experience in the slightest. However, it truly has changed my life for the better. As someone who has a difficult time living in the moment, these women keep me grounded and open my eyes to the beauty of human connection. This group of women live life boldly and with an unrivaled sense of compassion. Each day before us is not known, but the women of Alpha Delta Pi celebrate that uncertainty by always showing up for the people and the place they love.

My feelings about Alpha Delta Pi are so hard to put into words because it is difficult to describe the feeling of finding a place where you can be unapologetically yourself and still deeply loved and appreciated at the same time. It is because of this feeling that I felt called to serve Alpha Delta Pi as Chapter President and to give back in all the ways this chapter has loved me so well. I am instantly humbled when I think about how I have the opportunity to lead close to 300 women day in and day out. These women make each moment worth it. When I see them lead, achieve, and celebrate one another for all of life’s accomplishments, I know what we have is real. 

My wish for you is that you will find a place where you heart, soul, and mind are

content and you feel that you are becoming the person you have always dreamed of

alongside people who push you to live louder and dream bigger. There is a forever

home for you here at Alpha Delta Pi.
Alyssa Bretan
Chapter President