When I reflect on my time in Alpha Delta Pi, I am overwhelmed with gratitude- gratitude for the friends who tirelessly support me, the experiences that continuously grow me, the memories that fill me up, and the 300 women that have shaped the person that I am. Leading this chapter is one of the greatest privileges that I’ve had and is something that humbles me deeply. Alpha Delta Pi is a place that constantly fosters compassion. This community has shown me how you can be embraced for all that you are while being challenged to reach potential you never knew you had. My role as president attributes to this unique and selfless love that has been poured into me for the past two-and-a-half years and to each person that has believed in me enough to serve them.


At first, I didn’t fully understand how a place hours away from my hometown could so easily begin to feel like home. Now, looking at each beautifully diverse, passionate, and incredible friend that surrounds me in this chapter, I know I have my answer. I hope that everyone will find a blessing such as the one I’ve found here: open arms at your highs and lows, laughs to make any dark day bright, and a lifetime of joy within genuine friendships. In essence, you deserve a place where you can shine in your most natural form. I hope you find people that feel like home and that you know you are always welcome here at Alpha Delta Pi! 




Lainey Davis

Chapter President





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