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Caitlyn Dellegatto AC'19 :: Advice For Recruitment

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Hi Everyone! My name is Caitlyn Dellegatto and I am a member of Alpha Class 2019. This fall I will be starting my second year as a nursing major. I am currently involved in Arts in Medicine volunteer program, Women’s Choral, Dance Marathon, and Dulous. I am also spending my summer working as a certified nursing assistant.

About a year ago today my mind was consumed with sorority recruitment. I spent hours online shopping for the perfect platform sandals, sundresses, wardrobe, worked on my application, binge watched “what you need for sorority recruitment” videos and gathered up recommendation letters. It’s hard to remember exactly how I was feeling during those times because in this past year I joined Alpha Delta Pi and met the most amazing women that I call my best friends.

The idea of recruitment was so daunting because of the unknown. I listened to my mom's uplifting advice based on her experience as an ADPi at Clemson University. Even though I am an ADPi legacy I didn’t feel the extra pressure to choose the same house my mom did thirty years ago. She said to me many times leading up to my final preference: “Pick the place you feel most comfortable, excited, and uplifted. A place where you can share your values with the people around you.” She knew in the end it was my narrative. This decision was going to affect my entire college experience and beyond.

The time came where I moved into a brick house just near sorority row and scooted with my new

roommate to the O'Connell Center with the hot sun beating on our faces. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I looked around at the hundreds of girls filling the arena. The atmosphere was overwhelming, but it really built up my adrenaline for the rest of the week.

The first round was filled with gray skies and the ground was slick and flooded from the constant rain. Running from house, to bus, to bus, to house and back again left me with many broken umbrellas and a greater appreciation for my crocs. However, it also made it hard to focus on exactly what my mom kept telling me throughout the process. It was hard to block other's opinions and it was easy to lose sight of my own values.

Luckily, the distractions and uncertainty went away every time I entered the ADPi house. The girls I talked to appreciated everything I had to say, and their sense unity, kindness, and authenticity was exactly what I wanted to be a part of. I believed ADPi would be the place I am encouraged to do the things I was passionate about.

Overall, recruitment was hard. There were many times I felt confused, exhausted, and overwhelmed. The time I spent planning which shoes I was going to pair with my sundress helped my confidence, but It didn’t help me fit into a place where I felt uncomfortable. In the end, I learned how to be confident in the things I loved and valued.

Going back to the O'Connell center I received my bid day card and ran home to a group of women that showed so much love and excitement for me and every other girl in my Alpha Class. That same energy they all carried did not go away and has continued to grow through this entire year. I even felt that same passion that they felt for me. I have such a love for each woman in ADPi. They make standing in line for three hours at Disney, late nights in the library, and quarantine zoom calls the best of times. I cannot believe how much has changed for the better in the past year.

Rush is very hard at times but if you just trust yourself, running into the arms of your sisters will be the best and most rewarding feeling.

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