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Liz Amat AC'18 :: A LITTLE Blog For a BIG Day

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hey everyone! I’m Liz Amat, a second-year public relations major. I’m involved in Junior Panhellenic Council, Panhellenic Directors Board and the Alpha Delta Pi Membership Committee, but when I am not caught up with school and involvement, I can usually be found procrastinating at Lib West, watching Youtube in bed or spending absurd amounts of money on Whole Foods. I am so excited to share my Big-Little experience with you all, as I believe everyone deserves to hear more about my incredible ADPi family - to know them is truly to love them.

From the moment I met Lindsay, I knew she had to be my Little. I never thought I could find anyone as outgoing, goofy and weird as me until I met her – and let me tell you, she is a total weirdo in the absolute best way. One night before dinner, she walked into my apartment and immediately made herself at home. Even though we just had recently met, I felt like I had known her my whole life. Our connection formed so quickly and naturally, and I had a feeling I had found my girl.

Like a middle-schooler wondering if her crush likes her back, I spent the week leading up to Big-Little Reveal freaking out to my friends that Lindsay wouldn’t want me to be her Big. When I finally found out she was my Little, I was so ecstatic to spoil her all week. I stayed up every night preparing gift baskets filled with all of her favorite things, making sure everything looked perfect down to each shirt, gameday pin and sticker. My Big Gracyn and I even trekked to the mystical Oaks Mall to make sure she got her favorite candle, Capri Blue Volcano. I facetimed my Mom every night just to get all the excitement, nerves and stress off my chest and showed her everything I prepared in exchange for guaranteed positive affirmation.

However, in typical Liz style, I was completely anxious every time I was around her. One night at dinner, I literally said my Big-Little theme right in front of her before running away nervously laughing. Since I could barely keep a straight face talking to her, I tried to trick her with misleading text messages, but being Lindsay, she smelled all the shirts I gave her and, I quote, “had a strong intuition” that it was me all along. I have never been the best at keeping secrets, but I really gave it my best effort.

Seeing my G-Big Caroline walk Lindsay over to me at the Reveal, I knew she was going to be the perfect addition to our crazy family. Finding someone to perfectly complement Gracyn, Caroline and me seemed like an impossible task – which everyone liked to remind me of quite frequently – but somehow, Lindsay does just that. She laughs with us, goofs around with us, and just meshes with us so perfectly. I seriously do not know how I found the perfect girly. I am so lucky to have such a close-knit family within Alpha Delta Pi, where I can be best friends with my G-Big even though she’s a senior, or where I can show up to my Big’s apartment to vent when I have had a long day. I cannot wait for Lindsay to experience this home that I have found in Caroline and Gracyn, as I know they love her just as much as I do already.

Lindsay, you shine so bright in ADPi and at UF already. I will never forget Mariana sprinting up to me after she rushed you, yelling in my face that I absolutely had to meet you - just look where we are now! Seeing the way you love others makes me so proud to be your Big. You are so adored not only by your Alpha Class (still cannot believe you are the Alpha Class President!) but by everyone surrounding you. You light up every room you walk into, and I know you will continue to do so even with your dislocated kneecap and crutches. I love you forever, honey.

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