Potential New Members

We encourage every woman interested in taking the next step in her UF career to participate in formal sorority recruitment. During formal recruitment, participants will get the chance to visit all 18 chapters within our Panhellenic community to catch a glimpse into each sisterhood and have the potential opportunity to receive a bid from a chapter. The relationships made and the experiences had during recruitment truly have a lasting impact on the women and their experience at the University of Florida. For more information and to register for formal recruitment, please visit the University of Florida Panhellenic Association's official website:

A Letter From Our Vice President of Marketing

Dear Potential New Members,


My name is Ariana Ceant, and I am so incredibly grateful to serve as Alpha Delta Pi's Vice President of Marketing at the University of Florida. 


On behalf of our chapter, I am so excited to welcome you all into our home for the 2022 UF Panhellenic Recruitment. I hope that when you walk into ADPi, you are able to get a glimpse into our sisterhood and what we stand for. 

From the second I walked into the ADPi house I felt like I was home. It was a feeling that I can't put into words. The immense amount of love and support I felt from people that I hadn't even met astounded me and I hope that you find the same thing through your recruitment experience. I can't envision spending my 4 years without ADPi and the women who motivate and support me to be my best self every single day. I can confidently say that my 2 years here have been the best of my life and provided countless unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. I am so excited for you to find your own home and make your own memories just like I did!


Ariana Ceant

Vice President of Marketing



A Letter From the Directors of Primary Recruitment 

Dear Potential New Members, 


We are Cailey Clark and Mary Syla and we are so excited to serve as Alpha Delta Pi’s Directors of Primary Recruitment at the University of Florida. 

ADPi quickly became our home throughout college and throughout this recruitment process, we hope the same for you. Here we have met friends that we will have for a lifetime, as well as had the opportunity to grow into the most confident versions of ourselves. Throughout your recruitment process, I hope that you find a similar sisterhood experience. Our hope is that when you walk into ADPi you feel uplifted, empowered, and authentically you. 


A hybrid version of formal recruitment will begin this August 2022. It will be a seven day process, with three rounds followed by a formal preferential round. The last day of formal recruitment will be Bid Day– where potential new members receive bids from Panhellenic chapters. Further information can be found on UF Panhellenic’s website.


We are so excited to meet you for the 2022 Panhellenic Recruitment. Please reach out to with any questions and concerns. 



Cailey Clark and Mary Syla 

Directors of Primary Recruitment